Oznurlogic develops and implements customer-focused integrated logistics and freight forwarding solutions at international level. Many years of background in freight forwarding assisted us to find shortcomings of current market and upgrading demands of clients. Supporting businesses at any size and industry, addressing their key challenges facing in supply chain make us create value to customers by employing modern technology and optimizing operating processes.

We are constantly developing and being updated to stay ahead of the changing needs of customers, while customers gain a positive experience of impeccable freight forwarding services. Our team is always in move to come out with cutting-edge technologies in supply chain.

Our goal is to simplify the logistics by creating ingenious tools.

Our mission is to improve logistics continuously using modern technology and provide high-class service in supply chain.


Long-mile transportation of cargos requires individual complex solutions, in which our team is strong at. For any mode of transportation, our experts always find the supply-chain solutions for you with minimum cost and stress.

Our specialists provide customs clearance services of your cargo, in a timely and professional manner, protecting you from unnecessary additional expenses. Oznurlogic team ensures the correct execution of customs documents, at all stages of the cargo.

Why Oznurlogic ?


Top-class services with competitive rates

End-to-end freight forwarding

End-to-end transportation


Any mode of transportation all over the world


"And another criterion for talented logistics is ingenuity" - Gordon Sander